Specright Teams Up with How2Recycle for Clearer Recycling Labels on Packaging


Specright, a leading provider of Specification Management software, has teamed up with How2Recycle, a unified labeling system aimed at simplifying recycling instructions for consumers. This collaboration is set to bridge the gap between digital specification data and the creation of straightforward, precise recycling directions on packaging throughout the U.S. and Canada. The goal is to clear up the confusion consumers often face when trying to recycle.


Paul Nowak, Executive Director of GreenBlue, emphasized the importance of reliable data in promoting sustainability and recycling efforts. "Having accurate, consistent data is crucial for sustainability claims and packaging materials information," he stated. "The How2Recycle program delves deep, asking about sixty questions for each piece of packaging, typically found in its specifications. By joining forces with Specright, we aim to consolidate our data on a single platform. This initiative is expected to have a widespread positive impact on the entire packaging industry."


Specright's cutting-edge Specification Data Management Platform is set to revolutionize How2Recycle's labeling process. Scheduled for a pilot integration in the second quarter of 2024, following a successful phase of aligning data attributes, this collaboration will enhance the recycling labeling system. This direct integration will allow How2Recycle to automatically retrieve data from Specright, reducing human error, avoiding redundant data entry, improving reporting accuracy, and ensuring data security.


How2Recycle, a program developed by the environmental non-profit GreenBlue over a decade ago, focuses on clear packaging labeling instructions to promote recycling. With a mission to simplify recycling for consumers and increase the amount of materials recycled, How2Recycle aims to eliminate the confusion surrounding recycling practices by providing clear instructions, thus encouraging more sustainable disposal of materials.


Adam Armstrong, Specright's Vice President of Customer Success and Strategic Partnerships, emphasizes the company's collaborative ethos: "Our mantra at Specright is 'the sum is greater than its parts,' highlighting our belief in the amplified impact of working together with our partners. This collaboration is especially timely, as there's a growing consumer demand for sustainable products and clearer recycling education."


Specright's recent research underscores this point, revealing that 82% of U.S. consumers are more inclined to recycle if the recycling steps are clearly outlined on the product or packaging. Furthermore, 71% of consumers feel more confident in a brand's sustainability claims when these are printed on the product, akin to a nutritional label.


Matthew Wright, Specright's founder and CEO, points out the critical need for clarity in recycling: "There's a strong consumer urge to contribute to waste reduction, yet the lack of clear recycling instructions creates barriers. The goals of How2Recycle align perfectly with Specright's vision of a world free of waste. We're thrilled about this partnership, as it allows us to assist companies in aligning their data to offer precise recycling instructions, facilitating more effective recycling and sustainability efforts."